Mortgage & Loan Calculator Analyzer 1.0

Mortgage & Loan Calculator Analyzer 1.0


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The Mortgage & Loan Calculator Analyzer is designed to help you track in great detail several mortgages and loans. On a basic level, the program acts as a mortgage calculator allowing you enter basic mortgage parameters like principal, interest rate, payment cycle, compound rate, and term (years). The program will then calculate the monthly payment as well as produce an amortization table showing you the interest and principal paid for each payment. Key to the heart of the mortgage program is the ability to adjust any payment throughout the course of your loan. For example, you can enter in an additional $1000 payment for January 2008 and then $700 for August 2008. The program will then show how this affects the mortgage amortization and final pay off date for the loan. Other features include: multiple mortgages, allowing you to try out different payment options or interest rates to see how they affect your pay off date; amortization table option to show every payment or just an annual summary; final payment figure with PMI, home owners insurance, and property taxes; a simple extra payment parameter that automatically adds to every monthly payment and refigures the mortgage pay off date; various compounding and payment cycle options including monthly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, annual, and bi-annual. The user interface is simple and easy to use allowing even a novice to analyze their mortgage.

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